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Technology diligence is one of the most important but most overlooked phases in modern transactions costing buyers on average $770,000 per a transaction. As this becomes the norm sell-side diligences are growing in popularity as it optimizes capital spends to ensure the technology aligns to support the investment thesis on exit. The more complex the transaction, such as a carve-out, the more important this aspect of the transaction becomes to reduce cost and risk while ensuring the technology will scale to support your investment thesis.

Our consultants have been involved in more than 300 transactions across all industry verticals.  Deal size has ranged from $10M to $5B in value with an average savings of $770,000 per a transactions when factoring in the cost reduction due to it related issues that otherwise would have been an expense to the buyer instead of the seller.  Our diligences will reduce your risk while pushing the technology related costs typically discovered post-close, to the seller, while providing solid foundation around the cost required from a technology aspect to support your investment thesis.

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